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Tourist and Business destination

Business climate

English is the main business language on the island. Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento are also widely spoken. The government and labor relations are very stable.

The fact that Aruba is tourism-oriented has many benefits for the business community:
Service oriented - Friendly - Multi-lingual - 24/7 economy
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The banking system is sound and complies with the highest international standards, and US dollar accounts may be opened. There are incentives in place for certain types of investment and businesses. Aruba prides itself on offering integrity, quality and reliability in its business dealings. These qualities have already made the island a #1 tourist destination.


Aruba has modern port facilities. The cruise port will soon be enlarged and upgraded, after the commercial harbor moves to just east of the airport. This close location, together with the free zone, will create a unique hub for air/sea cargo. The port complies with international security regulations (ISPS), securing its position in the region.

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The airport was recently enlarged and modernized (2001). There are (multi) direct daily flights to Europe, the US and South America. The Reina Beatrix International Airport boasts US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) pre-clearance, making flights to the US of domestic origin.

The island has a very high level of telecommunication. The government-owned telecommunication company was recently privatized and the market has been opened up to other companies.