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Aruba is an island of 77 square miles (193 square km) in the Southeast Caribbean, located approximately 19 miles (30 km) north of Venezuela and at the center of many world trade routes. The island is approximately two and a half hours flying from Miami, nine hours from Amsterdam and only one hour from Caracas.

The beautiful island of Aruba was discovered in 1499. During the years that followed, ownership of the island changed hands several times, till the Dutch took possession and the Dutch influences are still present in the social, legal and political system. On January 1, 1986 Aruba obtained its ‘Status Aparte’ thereby enabling it to become a separate entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. With this new status, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, now has three partners: the Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

Although Aruba continues to maintain direct ties with the Netherlands, it has complete autonomy over its own internal affairs, while the Kingdom of the Netherlands is constitutionally responsible for defense and foreign affairs of the entire kingdom. Aruba in general has much to offer, both for vacationers and business investors. In fact many of the foreign residents on the island first came to Aruba as a tourist and then decided to set up a business.