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Free Zones Locations

The Free Zone presently consists of three designated areas in Oranjestad, Bushiri and Barcadera.

The initial part of the Free Zone - Oranjestad Free Zone - is situated next to the harbor of Oranjestad and covers an area of 3.8 hectares. The harbor of Oranjestad is well equipped to handle all kinds of vessels.
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The extended part of the Free Zone - Bushiri Free Zone - covers an area of 9.2 hectares and is situated at very short distance from the harbor. The distance between the Oranjestad and Bushiri Free Zone and downtown Oranjestad is approximately 1 mile; the distance to the international airport is 3 miles.

The Barcadera Free Zone lies adjacent to the cargo port at Barcadera, 2 miles east of the international airport. It covers an area of approximately 90 hectares. The move to Barcadera is a crucial element in the development of the free zones.