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Warehouse and office facilities

At the Oranjestad and Bushiri Free Zone there are warehouses available for rent at affordable prices. The standard warehouses are on average 3,229 square feet (300 square meters). The floor to ceiling height is 17 feet (5.5 meters) measuring from the lowest point and 19 feet (71/2 meters) measuring from the highest point. For more information, please contact FZA NV.

At Bushiri Free Zone there are also convenient office spaces available of different sizes from which several types of service-oriented businesses can be conducted. The units may also serve as showroom spaces. The office spaces are ready-to-use facilities, with air conditioning, carpets and blinds. The units have standard electricity connections and telephone/fax/internet lines.

Lease land for construction

At Barcadera Free Zone there are different ownership options. Please request further information at FZA NV.