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Costs and fees

Startup costs

All services provided by FZA are free of charge. The only costs involved are the notary charges (paid directly to the notary) to incorporate a limited liability company (NV). The notary charges are about $1200.- (Afl. 2000,-).

Freezone Facility Charge

After a company has been admitted to the free zone it is subject to payment of the Freezone Facility Charge (FFC). The FFC is currently set at 1.12% of the net turnover and will be charged on a monthly basis, figured over the previous month. The FFC is used by FZA NV to cover various facilities and investments, such as security, maintenance, marketing, promotion and further development of the free zone.

Rent of warehouse/office facility/Plots

A free zone company is required to have a physical address in one of the free zones of Aruba. The rent of a warehouse/office facility is optional. FZA provides a one-year lease agreement which can be extended on an annual basis. FZA requires a deposit equal to two months lease at the moment of signing of a lease contract with a client. At Barcadera Free Zone there are different ownership options. FZA acts as intermediate for qualifying free zone companies that want to request a piece of land at Barcadera from the government for development.