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Admission procedure

The admission procedure is part of the one-stop-shopping approach developed by FZA NV for the (potential) clients. The procedure consists of different documents and data.

Clients interested in establishing a company in the free zone of Aruba are advised to contact the FZA NV first. Each client is assigned an account executive that helps, guides and supports him/her through the necessary procedures. The account executive will make a preliminary assessment of the type of business activities the client is proposing to conduct in the free zone and how the client's requirements for necessary facilities (such as location, public utilities and operational support) can be met. The exchange of preliminary information can take place in person, by phone, fax or email. All information supplied will be handled in a confidential manner.

Detailed information regarding the admission procedure is available at FZA NV and can be supplied to interested parties in hard copy or in electronic form.
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